What Does Reflexology Do To Your Body


Did you realize reflexology is a massage method that can be followed back to Ancient Egypt? In this type of massage, the strain is applied in explicit regions or zones in the hands and feet that connect to various body pieces. Reflexologists are of the view that various regions – called reflex points – link to explicit organs of your body and its systems. For instance, the liver is situated in the curve of the foot. Putting pressure on particular reflex points is accepted to invigorate your parasympathetic nervous system.

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology might be an optional treatment for an assortment of conditions and has been in need for millennia. The antiquated Chinese and Egyptians might have owned documented practices like reflexology as a treatment for specific difficulties. It includes the reflexologist applying pressure to explicit regions in the hands, feet, and ears that influence certain reflex parts of the body.

Envision is an association between zones of your feet and hands that might represent certain spaces of your body that can be changed or overseen through these areas. The majority of the theories behind the concept of reflexology have to do with adjusting your qi. Yet, in any event, for the individuals who regularly don’t put much in this discipline, many studies have upheld the cases of reflexologists.

It isn’t generally acknowledged in the clinical world; however, many doctors across the globe have been utilizing reflexology for ages, with shockingly positive outcomes. If there are medicines for more than twelve ailments influencing different body pieces, isn’t it worth checking reflexology out?

How Reflexology Works?

There are a couple of various theories regarding how reflexology functions.

In Traditional Chinese Medication

Reflexology lies on the antiquated Chinese belief in qi (pronounced as “chee”), or “vital energy.” As per this conviction, qi courses through every individual. At the point when an individual feels anxious, their body blocks qi. This can cause unevenness in the body that prompts disease. Reflexology plans to keep qi coursing through the body, keeping it adjusted and illness-free.

In Chinese medication, distinctive parts of the body relate to various pressure points on the body. Reflexologists use maps of these points in the hands, feet and ears to figure out where they should put pressure. They believe that their touch sends energy running through an individual’s body until it arrives at the space needing recovery.

Different Theories

During the 1890s, British researchers found that nerves interface the skin and inner organs. They additionally tracked down that the body’s whole nervous system will, in general, change by outside factors, as well as with touch. A reflexologist’s touch might assist with calming the central nervous system, advancing unwinding and different advantages actually like any type of back rub.

Others accept that the brain makes pain an abstract encounter. Here and there, our brain responds to physical pain. But, in different cases, it might make torment because of mental or emotional pain. Some accept that reflexology can lessen torment through soothing touch, which might assist with working on somebody’s disposition and decrease stress.

Zone theory is another conviction that some utilize to clarify how reflexology functions. This hypothesis states that the body holds ten vertical zones. Each zone contains diverse body parts and relates to explicit toes and fingers. Specialists of the zone theory accept that contacting these fingers and toes permits them to get to each body part in a specific zone.

Health Benefits of Reflexology

1. Eases Aches and Pain

One of the advantages of reflexology is its ability to treat various kinds of throbbing painfulness, such as neck torment, headaches, migraines, and upper and lower spinal pains. It mitigates strain in the muscles that may frequently prompt these conditions. Headaches happening because of stress can likewise be lightened with foot rubs.

As per a study distributed in Alternative Therapies in Health Medicine in 1999, 220 patients were treated by reflexologists. 81% of the patients have announced that their medicines helped or restored their migraine issues after only three months. The back rub treatment further developed patients’ overall prosperity, capacity to comprehend the reasons for migraine, capacity to decipher body flags, and expanded energy levels.

1. Improved Blood Circulation In The Body

Successfully the most notable advantage of reflexology is an improvement in blood dissemination all through your body, which implies that blood alongside oxygen gets spun and conveyed through the body all the more productively. Enhancement in blood circulation also implies more oxygen arriving at the whole organ system, streamlining their working and further building metabolism. The redemption of oxygen through the body additionally brings about quicker mending and re-development of harmed cells.

2. Development Of Nerve Functions

As our body gets older, the nerve endings become less and less delicate in the furthest point portions of our body. Opening up and clearing out neural pathways can assist with working on the usefulness and adaptability of nerves and cells in different organs in the body. Neural ways are similar to muscles; it is incredibly useful and urgent to your wellbeing to keep them dynamic.

3. Battles Depression and Anxiety

Serotonin, a hormone delivered by neurons in the brain, stimulates happiness. Low levels of this chemical might bring about a bad temperament and even depression. Massaging the highest point of your toes can improve the creation of serotonin. The adrenal, hypothalamic, pineal and pituitary organs likewise assume a part in feelings, including sorrow. Invigorating this reflex focuses by kneading the feet for a couple of moments three times each day might help in alleviating the condition. It is likewise powerful in easing nervousness and stress.

4. Reflexology makes your Feet Healthy

You can keep your feet better with reflexology. It rouses the muscles, lessens torment in the lower legs and heels, and eases stiffness. This is probably the least demanding approach to keep your feet liberated from a wide range of foot issues, like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, just as toenail growth.

A 5-minute foot kneads each day can keep your lower legs adaptable and solid. This, like this, will forestall terrible wounds. Rubbing your feet with warm coconut or olive oil gives help from aggravation and torment coming about because of foot tendonitis. It is additionally an effective regular treatment for heel spurs.

Reflexology makes your Feet Healthy

6. Might Help in Reducing Toxins

Reflexology has been displayed to enhance bladder function further and lessen urinary tract problems issues. This implies in terms of poisonousness is a more effective procedure for dispensing toxins and other unfamiliar substances, consequently shielding your body from the different sicknesses and medical issues that can regularly emerge from a compromised urinary system.

7. Gives Relief from Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Although reflexology may not be straightforwardly associated with relieving cancer, it has been known to facilitate the symptoms of disease medicines like chemotherapy. It may help disease patients get a sound rest by lessening uneasiness and diminishes the odds of vomiting or other normally experienced digestion issues. The more broad impacts of reflexology, for example, clearing neural channels and expanding blood circulation, help patients.

8. Calming Discomfort from Pregnancy and Menstruation

Reflexology can be exceptionally useful for ladies during pregnancy, particularly concerning labor lengths, ladies’ requirement for analgesics during labor just as post-pregnancy recuperation time. Furthermore, because of many of the medical advantages referenced above, reflexology can decrease the odds of post-pregnancy anxiety, assist the body with mending itself and return to its typical metabolic movement quicker.

9. Improved Sleep and Relaxation

Following a long working day, especially a day of standing, strolling, and going around, the ideal way to unwind is to get a foot massage. As referenced previously, reflexology can open neural pathways and results in a more loosened-up condition in the body. This lessens feelings of anxiety, setting off a condition of quiet all through your psyche and body.

Foot rubs before hitting the hay likewise prompt rest. Reflexology is usually applied to treat rest problems like sleep deprivation. Luckily, applying tension on specific focuses help the body and nerves unwind while further developing blood flow.

Improved Sleep and Relaxation

10. Advancement in Brain Power

By invigorating your nerves and opening your neural pathways, information streams a lot quicker and all the more successfully to your mind, which would assist your cerebrum with taking care of the course of the information quicker, which would bring about a lot quicker intellectual and physical responses and a lift in your memory.


As you have taken in, the expansion of reflexology foot back rubs to your wellbeing, and health plan can essentially impact your everyday existence and prosperity. Reflexology can help with discomfort, nerve incitement, bloodstream, and headache alleviation; thus, considerably more can be accomplished. What’s more, without irregularities, reflexology might be as compelling for advancing better wellbeing and forestalling sickness as it could be for mitigating the manifestations of stress, injury and working on your mindset.

The delayed disregard of our feet adds to the rundown of hurts, torments, and expected clinical issues as we age. Adding regular reflexology foot back rubs to your wellbeing and health procedure can bring enormous short and long haul benefits.


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