Red Rose

February is the month of love. And we cannot think of love without thinking of Roses. Hence, this week we are featuring the meaning of different colors of rose and hopefully you can match the your romance with the right color!

Roses are liked by all people and its colors indicate different meaning for which it is a widely known flower. In fact, a rose is a sign of love and affection for the person, especially when the color is red. Do you know what do different colors of roses mean?

If you are confused about the colors then read this post and find out what color indicate what meaning. So next time when you gift a rose, you will know how to be presentable with colorful roses.

Red Rose

Red – It is the most common color for gifting. Red is the symbol of love and passion. True red is considered as the flower for lovers and so when you love someone, you should always be prepared with Red roses which will put a good impression to your emotions. There are subcategories under red color. If you go with cardinal red, it symbolizes desire and if you go with fiery red, it signifies passion. When you are gifting a fully bloomed re, it means you want to convey the best message that you still love that person. At the end, the buds represent love for the first time.

Yellow – Yellow roses are the symbol of jealousy, but these days people changed the perception where it represents friendship familiar to love and domestic happiness. Yellow roses are also excellent choices to show sympathy to a person. When you gift orange rose, it means expression of pride or amazement. A bouquet of orange flowers to a graduate or for commemorating a promotion is a good choice. Peach rose express sincere appreciation for one’s accomplishments or desire.

Yellow Rose

Pink – Pink roses signifies gentility, elegance and poetic romance. There is no link with red which tends to be very serious. Pink flowers are to explain light hearted than red and can be offered for sweetness of thought. Light pink represents both friendship and sympathy whereas; dark pink is the symbol of appreciation and thankfulness. When you gift a mix of pink and red flowers, it shows romantic relationship.

White Rose

White – White roses are often called “flower of light” and are bride’s flower. Itrepresents sincerity, unity, purity, and loyalty. In fact, it symbolizes love stronger than death. White flowers mixed with red are excellent choices to signify love whereas; white buds are a perfect gift for young girl from her father.

Violet Rose

Purple – Purple roses are said to be a symbol of eternal love and represent majestic glory. If you gift lavender or lilac roses then they tend to be love at first sight or the start of a true feeling.

Purple flowers are perfect for wedding anniversaries more than 25 years and are also considered as memorial flowers for a lost spouse. When you gift deep purple, it represents the intimate situations that your desire.

Now that you learn what each color means, it’s time to pick which color of rose you’d like to give to your loved ones!


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