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Makeup can do wonders if you know how to do it right, but that does not mean what you are doing is wrong if it doesn’t look good on your skin. It merely means that technique isn’t right for you, but it might be suitable for someone else, and what may work for you may not work for someone else.

Makeup should make you feel comfortable whenever you wear it, and it shouldn’t merely be worn to correct the wrongs because what we think of as flaws aren’t our flaws, it’s just what natural skin looks like, and it’s completely okay. Textured skin, freckles, dark circles, acne, and everything else can be taken care of through skincare, but no one should feel embarrassed to wear them as they are as it’s something completely natural and no one’s fault.

Makeup cannot make you look beautiful. The only thing it indeed does is makes your features stand out more, catching everyone’s attention and gives you confidence from within, which everyone deserves. It boosts your self-esteem and helps you be comfortable in your skin, and transforms your confidence, which is the best thing itself.

Let’s go through all the steps to make sure you are wearing your makeup the best way and look flawless.

1. Skin Care is Essential

The most vital part of making sure makeup looks utterly flawless is to cure the underlying problems your skin has been facing. The biggest problem people face is acne, and after acne, it’s the scars that acne leaves behind. The excessive amount of oil present in the skin, air pollution, food that we eat especially oily food, stress, and anxiety can often cause your skin to break out.

And to fix and find out the primary cause of why your skin is breaking out so much, it is crucial that instead of trying to fix it on your own or picking at your skin, you go to a good dermatologist that can get to the root of your problem and give you the solution as well. Skincare is essential in making your makeup look flawless. For the sake of your skin, you should keep the stress away, drink lots of water and eat lots and lots of fruits.

Beautiful Skin

2. Cleanse Before Anything

Makeup includes many skin-friendly chemicals, but to be on the safe side so that your skin does not react to what you are applying to it. It would help if you always cleanse your face first to get rid of the excess oil, dead skin cells, and dust particles from the skin.

Exfoliate gently without being harsh on the skin because if you have sensitive skin, then strong cleansers can irritate your skin, which causes your skin to break out. After cleansing or exfoliating, make sure to pat your face dry instead of rubbing your face with a towel. Your face is like a canvas. It should be clean when you start painting over it.

Closing Eyes while washing face

3. Moisturize

Everyone straight up thinks that foundation is the base of makeup, which in a way is right but moisturizing your skin before applying foundation or base is necessary because foundation sits better on a skin that’s very well hydrated. After washing the face, the face is stripped off the oils, which often cause it to become dry and flaky, which is automatically fixed by applying moisturizer. The foundation sits very well on the hydrated skin.

Putting Moisturizer in Face

4. Prime your Face

Although foundation sits amazingly on hydrated skin, if a primer is available to you, you should use it and see a huge difference after applying foundation over primer. What a primer does is that it acts as a double-sided tape for the makeup you put on your face.

The foundations sit flawlessly upon applying primer, and it gives an incredible finish to your face. Primer evens out your textured skin, especially across the T-zone. And good news for people with large pores, primer helps hide your pores so that your makeup looks perfect on the outside.

Putting cream in face with grey background

5. Best Way to Apply Foundation

While applying foundation, you have to be smart, especially about the shade you are about to wear, but any shade that does not match your skin can make your makeup go south, and no one wants that. If you’re unable to find your one correct shade, then get the one that’s a little lighter because when you contour your face, it will all come together and give you a complete look that you were aiming for. The foundation mainly fixes the discoloration across the face, mostly around the mouth area. Foundations help even out the discoloration on the skin.

Foundation should either be applied with a brush or a clean beauty blender. Still, the best way to use foundation on your skin without wasting it on the blender or brush is to apply it with fingers for even coverage and then patting it across the face instead of rubbing it. Patting is a more effective way to blend the foundation into the skin.

Testing Foundation in Hands

6. A Little Blush Goes a Long Way

After applying the foundation, even though the skin color is corrected, it starts to look a bit pale, and to bring the color back to your face for an ultimate flawless look, you have to add a little bit of blush.

The easiest way to apply blush is to smile so that your cheekbones are popping out, and then with a fluffy brush, you can use the blush on your cheekbones in a soft upwards direction so that in an upward kind of motion, your face can look a bit more uplifted.

The tints and shades of the colors pink and peach bring color to your face to make it look fresh and gives you a flattering look.

Pretty Girl Showing Beauty Product in Pink Background

7. How to Conceal and Contour

Concealing is essential for people who have eye bags underneath their eyes. After applying a concealer layer under the eyes, setting powder is used to mattify the concealer, and it also helps in hiding the lines in case the concealer cracks. Apply concealer on the spots and scars that are visible after applying the foundation. Concealer can easily be blended by a brush, blender, or fingers.

Applying Conceal and Contour

Contouring defines the entire face and gives an edge to your face bringing out your features, making them look attractive. Contouring is best done by a brush or the contour stick, that way, it can be directly applied to the face, and then it can further be blended out with the brush or your fingers. Blending it out with fingers is the best option as it literally blends into the foundation that way and ultimately gives your makeup a perfect finish. It’s mainly done to define the nose, cheekbones, and jawline as well.

Doing some make-up in-front of mirror

8. Who Doesn’t Love Highlighter

A highlighter is the highlight of the entire look you want to want to create. It gives your face a shine and a dewy effect that everyone loves. You can never go wrong with a highlighter, and it looks fantastic. The best way to put a highlighter on is by using a fan makeup brush, it’s a light brush, and it never brings an excess amount of highlighter to your face. It’s just enough to be perfect. Fan makeup brush will help keep you from being too heavy-handed. The ideal way to create a luminous glow to enhance your features is by applying a highlighter.

Group of Girls with Highlighter

9. Set it up!

The end game to make your face look utterly flawless is to set the entire look on your face. You can easily do that with a setting spray. What a setting spray does is that it holds all of your makeup together so it can last without melting for a more extended period.

Setting sprays consist of long molecules called polymers like plastic that form films over applying that do not budge from their place. When the setting spray is sprayed all over your face, the polymers merge and hold the makeup in place.

The setting spray acts like a layer on your face that is just there for the mere act of protecting the layers of makeup you worked so hard on. It helps the makeup stay in place and look flawless.

Not only does the makeup stay in place because of the setting spray, but it also waterproofs the makeup to some extent so that your look stays protected for a more extended time. There is no science or an effective way to how to put setting spray on. It’s straightforward, close your eyes and spray all over your face 2 to 3 times, and you’re good to go.

Girl Spraying her face


So, if you are a beginner or looking for some tips to make your makeup look flawless, the above give would surely be of great help. Learn how to apply makeup efficiently without damaging your skin. Master the art of doing makeup with these guides and pull off your look with any outfit your wear.



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