Long before paper was invented, monks in the Buddhist Temples recorded their history on

thin sheets of bamboo. This close relative of sugar cane was used in many ways from food ingredients, making tools, spiritual offerings and even building houses. At that time, bamboo was such an important part of daily life that it naturally was used as a form of creative and spiritual expression, which became meaningful to rituals and healing practices.

In Thailand, it was in the North-East provinces that the use of bamboo for massage first became famous. It has since been available in many rural health clinics and small day spas and is showing up more and more in large spas in Bangkok and internationally.

Just because we are seeing bamboo used at in Day Spas in the west for the first time does not mean that this is a “new” technique. It does have deep roots in tradition and is a truly exotic and effective method of delivering bodywork. At Sabai Thai Spa, we are always trying to incorporate a wide variety of interesting spa offerings steeped with history and meaning that may be less accessible in the modern world we are living in.

Our Thai Warm Bamboo massage uses techniques that incorporate smooth bamboo rods of various diameters, cut in a range of lengths. These bamboo pieces represent the tools used for the Thai Warm Bamboo Massage. After warming up the pieces of bamboo, our Therapist is then ready to use these tools as an extension of their hands, forearms and elbows. This enables them to work deeply and effectively, which can produce, and deep, calming and therapeutic treatment. The Bamboo Massage Tools vary in size because different body parts require the use of different sizes and shapes of bamboo to be used in order to accommodate the shapes of the muscles, joints and bony structures of the body.

It truly is a unique experience that we are sure everyone will enjoy.


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