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After being cooped up in a stuffy house all winter long, it’s finally time to fling open the windows, shoo away the cobwebs, and take on your annual spring cleaning. But often, the chemicals found in conventional cleaning products can be more dangerous than the dirt they’re intended to clean. And the way we clean (with lots of disposable paper towels) isn’t exactly earth-friendly.

Thankfully, there are many alternatives available that can help you make your home squeaky clean—and green.

Here are some tips to conquer cleanup projects:

Wash the blinds

Metal blinds can be removed from the window and taken outside for washing. Use a scouring brush with a mild cleaner and some water to loosen dirt. Hang the blinds on a slanted surface and hose down with the garden hose to clean off the dirt.

Clean the windows

Use water and dish soap and a sponge to wipe the inside and outside of windows. A rubber-tipped squeegee can be used to remove the excess moisture and provide a nice sheen on the window. It’s less wasteful than using a handful of paper towels.

Switch fan directions

Ceiling fans set to spin in a clockwise rotation draw air upward and then redistribute the warm air that collects at the ceiling. Clockwise is the ideal direction for the winter, but when spring arrives, it’s time to hit the switch to change the blades to spin counterclockwise. Be sure to thoroughly dust the fan blades first, or you could end up with dust bunnies blowing around the room.

Replace surface protectors

The small, adhesive pads that are placed on chair legs and furniture to protect against wood floor scratches need to be changed periodically. That’s because dirt can accumulate under the pads and eventually damage the floor.

Switch the linens

Change out comforters and darker shaded fabrics for lightweight items that bring a fresh, clean feeling that’s perfect for spring.

Clean the refrigerator

Remove old food and discard and take out other items and place in a cooler. Use a baking soda and water solution to scrub stains and sanitize the shelves and walls of the refrigerator.

Clean the carpets

Rent a carpet shampooer and thoroughly clean the carpeting. Open the windows and let the crisp spring air help dry the damp carpeting afterwards.

Tackle mould and mildew

Few homes can escape the wrath of mould and mildew during the winter months. In addition to being unsightly, exposure to mould can also cause a host of physical problems, including respiratory ailments, eye irritation, and nasal and sinus congestion.

Clean the filters, ducts and vents

Spring might be synonymous with warmer temperatures, but for allergy sufferers spring can be a difficult time of year. When spring cleaning, don’t forget to thoroughly clean filters, ducts and vents to help decrease exposure to airborne allergens.

Clear the garage and basement of potentially harmful supplies

Garages and basements are often used to store paints, paint thinners, oils, solvents and other potentially toxic supplies.

If any of these toxic supplies are old, consult the Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre to determine how best to discard such items.

For those you want to keep, be sure the lids are tight and not leaking potentially harmful chemicals into the air.

Hopefully this list will keep you busy this spring. And if you happen to work so hard that your muscles start to get a little tired, you all know where to come by for a little rub right? Our Deep Tissue or Healthy Spine Massage will be just perfect for you.


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