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One common thing you see a lot during Songkran Festival in Thailand is Din-Sor-Pong, a type of natural talc derived from limestone. During this celebration, the street will be painted with this white powdery splash and people, young or old, often put this natural mineral on their face. Let us learn more about this tradition and its health benefits.

Din-Sor-Pong is among one of pure ground substances, which can be found abundant in Lopburi Province in Thailand. Natives normally burrow that whitened dirt and wash it , just before refining the item. Any very good natural powder shall be watered down by using pure waters to make a thick fusion. Later Din-Sor-Pong makers may coloring or perhaps add more aroma towards this mix.

People in street celebrating Songkran Festival

Up to now, consumers called Din-Sor-Pong as Pang-Yen meaning cooling talc. It is used in special occasions such as wedding ceremony, paying respect to the elders or even giving blessing for new vehicles. When there is a new-born, the actual Din-Sor-Pong will be mixed with soil and applied all around the navels and let it dry.

Din-Sor- Pong is also used for health and beauty. In the past Thai people dissolve it in water and apply it on the face to eliminate breakouts and acne. It is also claimed that it works best on sensitive skin and freckles. Consistently usage of fine din-sor-pong is said to be suitable for face powdering than other kinds of talc. To reduce acne, Din-sor-pong can be mixed with lime and honey and pasted on the face for a while, then rinsed out with water. This traditional face masking is believed to reduce oil. but excessive application would turn the face dry.

Here’s a little Din-Sor-Pong for beauty recipe that you may want to check out!


25-30 pieces of mini Din-Sor-Pong, 1/4 cup of yoghurt, 2 tbsp of honey, 2 tbsp of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lime (use 2 teaspoon of lime for oily skin)


  1. Ground mini Din-Sor-Pong and mix all the ingredients together
  2. Put on your face and leave 20-30 mins to dry
  3. Rise off with lukewarm water and wash the skin again with cold water
  4. Guess now you know why Din-Sor-Pong is so essential for Songkran! Because it’s Songkran’s Hidden Beauty Secret!!!


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