Roman men and the Elizabethan

Ever wonder who first invented the word “spa”? And what spa was like back in those days?

Here’s a brief yet interesting story of spa. Have a look below to learn more!

The word spa in Latin is acronym of “salus per aquam” or “health from water.” Spa is also the name of a small Belgium village where hot mineral springs were used by Roman soldiers to treat aching muscles and wounds from a battle.

By 43 A.D. citizens of Rome began to view baths as a way of providing rest, relaxation, and solace to all people, not just those weary of war. In 70 A.D., the Romans built a spa around the hot springs at Bath, England, and a temple nearby to honor the goddess.

By the year 300 A.D., there were over 900 baths throughout the Empire. The oldest Roman spa is still in existence today is located in Merano, Italy.

Bath House

Baths were an important part of the daily life of both Roman men and by the Elizabethan Era, the popularity of the hot springs at Bath had increased greatly. At this time, the use of spas was becoming more widely accepted attracting many visitors who were searching for cures to various illnesses and ailments.

It also became a practice for spas to be staffed by medical professionals who prescribed and carefully monitored the treatments provided for each visitor. These spas were tremendously successful and they grew rapidly, eventually expanding to add restaurants and casinos.

While the origins of spas are rooted in the healing waters of natural hot springs, the focus of spas around the world, including in the United States, has shifted.

Advances in technology and medicine have developed new treatments that have all but replaced treatments that are more traditional. Modern spas are now focusing more on relaxation rather than healing. Many more types of spas and spa treatment are now being offered including Ayurvedic Spa, Day Spa, Dental Spa, Thai Spa or Facial Spa.

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